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Updated: Feb 6, 2021

My name is Sarah and I’m a Scientist so you might imagine I do regular STEM activities with my family. However like many busy parents, I flick through 1001 Easy Science Experiments for Kids rejecting activity after activity. It turns out that I just haven’t got a small magnet and some iron filings to hand, I don’t really want my child to drink two cans of fizzy drink so we can make our own fridge and, whilst I am sure glycerol is readily available these days, I probably need to prioritise sourcing dinner first!

That is where STEM Supper Club comes in…

Here I will share fun science activities that need minimal prep and use only normal household items. By pairing them with a simple supper using the same ingredients, I hope that you can add a little bit of science learning into your week. All the activities are simple versions of classic STEM experiments.

I have been running STEM Supper Club events for a few years now and parents often ask me for details. That is why I started this blog and I hope you enjoy the activities as much as we have.

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Leona Shepherd
Leona Shepherd
06 abr 2021

Love the mission Sarah - A practical science club that demonstrates the beauty of all STEM subjects and enables busy families to experiment together in their own homes. 😀

Me gusta
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