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Spooky STEM Supper Club

This October we have been eating pizza and doing Halloween-themed science crafts and activities. Here are some examples.

0. Spooky STEM Supper Club Menu
Download PDF • 182KB
1. Spooky Slime
Download PDF • 148KB
2. Eyeball Catapults
Download PDF • 924KB
3. Broomstick Hoop Gliders
Download PDF • 126KB
4. Halloween Binary Beads
Download PDF • 306KB
5. Skeleton Hands
Download PDF • 119KB
6. Spooky Lava Lamps
Download PDF • 348KB
7. Bubbling Pumpkins
Download PDF • 263KB
8. Teabag Ghosts
Download PDF • 267KB
9. Spooky Fizzy Fruit
Download PDF • 453KB
10. Spooky Straw Rockets
Download PDF • 292KB

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